The integrated approach to managing your wealth.

Experience the difference of a holistic, planning first, approach to your personal and professional financial life.

Do you have a plan to help you live the life you dream of?

If you're asking yourself any of the following questions, we can help.

When can I retire?

I need a financial plan. Where do I start?

Do I have enough insurance to protect those I love?

Do I have the right investment strategy to reach my goals?

Is my business underinsured?

Are my group benefits adequate for my employees?

It begins with what's important to you.

We provide specialized Wealth Advisory services not available in most accounting firms by integrating your personal and business finances into a single, focused plan that helps you get to where you want to be. 


In our first meeting, we uncover what matters most to you, discover exactly where you are, and get clarity on where you want to be with the "My Why" exercise.


Next, with a clear understanding of what you want yo achieve, we create a plan and offer specific advice that aligns with your priorities and goals for your financial life.


Our team of specialists then implement your plan. Together we measure, track, and adjust it as needed.


We remain present and active as your plan and life evolve, reviewing your progress, "My Why" and other changes in your life and update your plan accordingly.

Meet your Wealth Planning Advisor - Bob McMaster

Bob has worked in banking and finance planning for the last 28 years. He has been working at Infinite to provide an integrated approach to financial planning with the firms clients, working to provide clients financial success and freedom.

Wealth Planning

Our four-step process ensures you are making the best use of the resources you have, to enjoy the life that you've earned.


Risk management is a complex process, that when implemented properly, identifies weakness and creates opportunity. Our talented team brings insight and clarity to your goals and objectives, so you can protect what matters most to you.

Asset Management

Diversification is essential in building a balanced portfolio. Our Beyond 60/40 model advocates and implements true diversification models that allow our clients greater insulation from market volatility.

It's time to build your integrated plan.

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