Everyone thinks about the day when they can retire on their own terms.

For some its a full retirement and for others its semi-retirement or gradual transition.  

At the end of the day, having the financial freedom to make those decisions is key. In conversations with clients who are at various stages of life, we continue to hear questions such as:


How much do we need to save for retirement? Are we on track?

What should we do with our pensions? Or when should we take them?

We're already retired, can we sustain our standard of living?


These are fundamental concerns and its never too soon to ask questions. If financial freedom is the destination, then financial planning is the roadmap. Our retirement review provides insight into your destination, and more importantly, checking the map along the way to make sure you're on track.



In the first step, we will have a conversation to gain an understanding of your current financial situation including an assessment of assets, liabilities, income and expenses. 



The second step involves gaining an understanding of your future goals and objectives focused on your retirement lifestyle, assessing income sources to fund it and highlighting variables that could impact your desired outcome. 



In the third step, we will look at the variables identified in step two and build scenarios to assess their potential impact. From there we will develop a list of action items tailored to optimize your retirement plan while mitigating potential risks.



Dynamic Financial Projections

An interactive presentation to help you clearly understand your retirement plans.


Personalized Retirement Plan

An easy-to-understand retirement plan.


Tailored Professional Advice

A meeting with your accountant and our in house financial planner to discuss if your retirement plan aligns with your goals and objectives. 

Whether you are already retired or looking to the future, knowing you are on the right track is critical. Our retirement review service can help ensure you are on the right track and making the best choices for you and your family. 

*Infinite Wealth Advisory and The WealthCo Group of Companies are a fiduciary. When providing insight to clients and prospects, we are legally bound to: put the best interest of clients and prospects before our own, act in good faith by providing all relevant facts, avoid all conflicts of interest.