If you’ve ever had questions about your investment portfolio, you’re not alone. 

You worked hard for your money and want to do what’s best to protect and grow your wealth.​  

Our Portfolio Review includes a 3-step process designed to give you confidence that your investment portfolio aligns with your goals and objectives, and results in the satisfaction that your questions and concerns have been answered.   


In the first step, we will identify and provide you with a consolidated summary of your current investments, fees and other potential charges to help you better understand what you own and what you’re paying for. 


In step two, we will discuss your investment needs, goals, and objectives and evaluate if your portfolio is aligned with your planning needs.


In step three, we will explore opportunities and make recommendations to help ensure your investment portfolio is on the right track to meet your investment needs, goals, and objectives.



Asset Allocation Summary

Consolidating all of your investments in one place to highlight your exposure to specific asset classes. 


Current Fee Summary

Identification of current investment fees and other existing charges.


Tailored Professional Advice

A meeting with your accountant and our in house financial planner to discuss how your portfolio aligns with your goals and objectives. 


You worked hard to grow your wealth and deserve the comfort of knowing your wealth is working for you. Our portfolio review service can help ensure you are making the best choices for you and your family. 

*Infinite Wealth Advisory and The WealthCo Group of Companies are a fiduciary. When providing insight to clients and prospects, we are legally bound to: put the best interest of clients and prospects before our own, act in good faith by providing all relevant facts, avoid all conflicts of interest.

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