Personal Risk


Conversations about the impact of death, illness and disability are never easy to have, yet they are extremely important. 

There are many issues that people don't think about until it's too late.  

Our Personal Risk Review will proactively guide you through a simple process that results in clarity, satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that you are better prepared for the unexpected. 


Can we sustain our standard of living?

Are we financially prepared if something were to happen to me or my spouse?

Will we have to sell the house or cash out savings?

Step one involves a conversation to identify your financial needs as it relates to death, illness and disability and comparing that to your existing financial resources such as savings, insurance and group benefits coverage.

While all the items identified are important, some may be more important than others. In step two, we will help you identify the areas in which you have flexibility to ensure you have sufficient funding for your top priorities. 

Now that we know your risks, priorities and existing financial resources, step three involves putting together a plan on how to best manage, or fund, your risks. We will provide you with a personal risk report detailing areas in which you may have shortfalls and we will make suggestions on how best to address them. 



Insurance Summary

An overview of all your life, illness and disability coverages in one convenient place. 

Personal Risk Report

An overview of recommendations to address the impacts of premature death, illness or disability.


Tailored Professional Advice

A meeting with your accountant and our in house financial planner to discuss if your retirement plan aligns with your goals and objectives. 


Having a plan in place to be financially prepared in difficult times is extremely important. Our Personal Risk Review service can help ensure you and your family are financially prepared for the unexpected. 

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