Business Risk


As a business owner, your business is likely your most valuable asset.

The right planning tools and the advice of specialized experts is essential to help protect it.

 Our business risk review is an important tool that every business owner should complete on a regular basis to to ensure that key elements of risk mitigation are kept up to date and not left to chance. 


The key areas of focus include:


Premature death of owners and key persons

Prolonged disability of owners and key persons

Your ability to attract, retain and replace key persons and staff

Ensuring key business documents and planning are up to date



In the first step, we will have a professional review your shareholders agreement and we will create a summary of your corporate insurance policies relating to life, illness and disability. This is an important first step to bring clarity and context to your current situation. 



In step two, we will ask a series of questions and conduct impact assessments in the areas in which you may have business risks. These areas include: business valuation, employee retention, premature death / disability of shareholders and key persons, current structure of corporate owned insurance



Now that we have evaluated your risks and existing provisions in place, step three involves bringing together a team of specialized experts to best address your areas of need. 



Insurance Summary

An overview of all your corporate insurance coverages in one convenient place. 


Shareholder Agreement Review

Recommendations to help you avoid potential pitfalls.


Tailored Professional Advice

A meeting with your accountant and our in house financial planner to discuss if your business risk review is in alignment with your goals and objectives. 


As a business owner, being able to take advantage of opportunities while strategically managing risks is critical to your success. Our business risk review service will help validate your current risk mitigation strategies and provide solutions for risks that have been unaddressed.

*Infinite Wealth Advisory and The WealthCo Group of Companies are a fiduciary. When providing insight to clients and prospects, we are legally bound to: put the best interest of clients and prospects before our own, act in good faith by providing all relevant facts, avoid all conflicts of interest.