Infinite Chartered Professional Accountants is a solutions driven firm.

We bring local expertise balanced with global flexibility and the ambition to meet the unique accounting needs of our clients. 

Reducing tax burdens to our private clients is not only about client needs, but established relationships. Knowing our clients goals for the future allows us to provide personalized solutions and advice tailored to their specific needs. Tell us your story, ask us your questions, and we will provide trusted solutions and advice.

Strategies and solutions regarding the taxation of an inheritance are complex and constantly changing. Being prepared through comprehensive tax planning can provide innovative solutions to tax reduction. If you have questions regarding the tax implications of an inheritance, please feel free to ask, we would love to help.

Canada's estate taxation laws can work to the advantage of the beneficiary when managed effectively. Having a trusted advisor with your complete financial road map as a guide will aide in mitigating errors and missed opportunities. If you would like to speak with a professional in Canadian Estate Planning, set up an appointment today.

A good accountant has focus on every number, including dates. Filing your trust return late will result in significant penalties that are easily avoidable. For more information on compliance, penalties and interest regarding your trust return, please feel free to ask anytime.

Reaching retirement requires detailed financial planning and dedication. The average life expectancy is growing, and with that there is more time to enjoy the freedoms a lifetime of hard work can provide. If you have questions regarding how to plan and minimize risk in your retirement, please don't hesitate to ask.

In today's global economy many people earn additional income in numerous ways - although this may seem insignificant, it can complicate standard tax returns. Guidance can mitigate possible penalties that most are not aware of. If you have concerns regarding additional income earned, asking today can save you problems tomorrow.


Ask us how we can turn them into your reality.



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